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My Mission

I always knew that I was capable of living the life I always wanted. But something always stopped me. It took me a long time to realize that something was me. I was the one holding myself back. It was all the junk from my past - the self-doubts, negative beliefs, fears, and memories resisting all my efforts to shine as bright as I knew I could. I knew that I had the capacity to live my dreams and I knew that all I had to do to unlock that potential was start working through all the cruddy mental stuff that comes with releasing old patterns and healing old wounds. The only problem was, I didn’t know how to do that.

Since then, I have dedicated my life to developing easy, practical and FUN ways to work through our own resistance. Whether it's through One-On-One Coaching, Workshops or other Programs, all of my work is created to help you release old patterns so that you can start #LivingYourBestLife - the hashtag is still too much, isn't it?


One-on-One Coaching

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Holding Hands
Young Businesswomen

Empowerment Coaching

During our coaching sessions, we will identify the areas in your life in which you feel the most resistance.  Maybe you are struggling to feel comfortable with connecting with a romantic partner. Maybe, you have learned to make yourself small and it's affecting your ability to excel in your field. Maybe you have some past-selves who need healing. Whatever you feel stuck in, we're going to loosen the grip through guided coaching, meditations, negative-belief busting, past-self healing, and other reflective work.

Relationship Coaching for Trauma Survivors

When we grow up in a family system that lacks emotional intelligence, we are going to struggle in relationships. It’s not that we don’t want healthy love, it’s that we tend to be drawn to people who mirror our pasts. We end up attracting the same avoidant, unavailable, or even hurtful partners we grew up with. Relationship Coaching helps you recognize the negative beliefs, fears, insecurities and patterns that developed as a result of the trauma. You will work to heal your past selves, re-parent yourself, find safety within yourself, release the guards you’ve put up, and open yourself up to the type of healthy vulnerability that allows for conscious, real love.

Energy Balance Coaching for Female Entrepreneurs

Energy Balance coaching is all about balancing your Warrior and Goddess energies. As an entrepreneur, you may have a tendency to lean to your Warrior energy - the part of you who is constantly pushing and driving things forward. But all that pushing will only lead to exhaustion, irritability, and feeling stuck if you don’t balance with your Goddess energy- the part of you who receives, slows down, and can simply BE. Through one-on-one coaching, self-reflection, writing exercises and guided meditation, I help you drive your business forward by stepping into your balanced, Warrior Goddess power.



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Express Unfiltered Rage Like a Freaking Goddess

Gurl, it's time to let it out.
As women, we often grow up learning that expressing anger is unattractive. When we do get angry, we’re labeled as over-emotional, dramatic, or crazy. Besides being influenced by cultural conditioning, I constantly witnessed anger as a child. I spent years witnessing anger as a destructive force that hurt good people and ruined good things. I believed that if I allowed myself to be angry about one area in my life, then that anger would end up destroying all the good things that I loved.
I had only ever witnessed the destruction phase of anger but, when anger is expressed healthily, there is a whole other transformative phase that comes after the rage - a beautiful phase where renewal, consciousness, and freedom are born.
In this workshop, we will identify the layers of emotions that lie beneath your anger - specifically guilt and shame. We will forgive ourselves for the shame we’ve been holding on to and learn to release both the pain and anger in fun, creative, and healthy ways. (Hitting things and throwing pillows will be involved 🙌).

Pelvic Bowl Healing Workshop

Your pelvic bowl is a sacred space that lovingly holds your reproductive and sexual organs, your lower digestive and urinary organs, all of the vascular and lymphatic structures, the nerves and sensitive tissues of your clitoris, the muscles of your pelvic floor, and more. It’s like a shrine for your femininity because you’re a sacred goddess and your organs and tissues deserve a freaking shrine! 

Your pelvic bowl is your root. Your root holds the energy associated with your core identity. Meaning, this space holds the energy that contributes to how you view yourself.

Our pelvic bowls contain a unique energy flow of their own that connects with and affects the energy flow throughout the rest of our bodies. The energy of our pelvic bowls can become blocked or stagnant as a result of heartbreak, miscarriage, loss, emotional burden, or trauma - and this stagnancy can begin to affect our core identities; the foundations of how we view ourselves, others and the world. Healing the wounds in our pelvic bowl and restoring its natural energy flow can help transform the way you connect with yourself, your partner, how you view and enjoy intimacy, and your overall physical and mental health.

During this workshop, we will first identify what the heck a pelvic bowl is and where it’s located. We will then work to identify the reasons we’ve become disconnected to our bowls - cultural conditioning that views femininity as weak, heartbreak, trauma, etc. Through guided meditations and group discussions we will begin the process of smoothing our pelvic bowls and restoring their natural energy flow.

Note: Even if you have had a hysterectomy or were born without certain reproductive organs, your pelvic bowl still holds energies of these organs. The full energy system and organ energies still sacredly dwell within your pelvic bowl. 

Second note: I do not include any physical pelvic bowl healing methods. This workshop will be entirely based around guided meditations, self-reflection, and group discussions.

Warrior Goddess Workshop

After living through childhood trauma, I developed the untrue belief that I could not protect myself - emotionally or physically. I looked for safety, love, and fulfillment outside of myself in partners or jobs or a bowl of ice cream. After years of unconsciously allowing these beliefs to sabotage my growth, I decided to enroll in martial arts. Self-defense was an incredibly powerful tool in my life BUT, it wasn’t enough to truly heal my wounds around safety. There was a whole other mental component that simply learning how to punch did not fulfill. 

It wasn’t until I combined mindfulness with physical defense that I finally discovered that safety was within me. 

This workshop combines both physical defense with mindfulness. We will identify the ways you look for safety in other people or things, release old habits and use guided reflections to discover our inner Protector. We will then learn fundamental self-defense movements.


More Programs

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Fight Therapy

Did you know that we often carry experiences of trauma in our bodies? This often manifests as physical pain or tightness in the joints, hips and other areas. Speaking about our experiences is incredibly powerful but I want to do more than simply talk about my experiences - I want to release them and free my body from the pain I've been holding onto.

Fight Therapy combines kickboxing with consciousness practices and is designed to teach you to protect yourself while helping you physically move trauma out of your body.

Mindful Movement

I hit puberty hard and fast. It felt like I went from a girl to a fully-developed woman overnight. “How do I even run with these boobs?” I thought. My body completely changed into something I didn’t recognize or know how to move. While I grew increasingly unfamiliar with my own body, boys in my class, as well as adult men, started noticing my body and looking at me in ways that made me even more uncomfortable. That, in addition to the abuse I was already experiencing, made me feel as if my body was the most unsafe place to be in the world, so I left it. Of course, I was still living in my body but my mind-body connection was completely lost.

Whether women have experienced abuse or not, I do believe that disconnecting from our bodies at some point in our lives is an experience most women are familiar with. As a result, many of us struggle to feel strong and connected while moving our bodies.

Mindful Movement combines traditional exercises with meditations and is designed to help restore the connection between your mind and body while also getting your sweat on.

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I would love to work with you! Please reach out with any questions or thoughts.