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Welcome to Katie Maloney Coaching!

It's Time to Embrace Your Inner Warrior Goddess

I developed a lot of “junk” as a result of living through 18 years of childhood abuse. All the junk that I chose to believe about myself and the world held me back for years. There were negative beliefs, fears, insecurities, and resistance controlling my life and I had no idea how to even recognize them, let alone overcome them. 
After years of unconsciously allowing these beliefs to sabotage my growth, I recognized that I have everything I need to be safe, experience love and be fulfilled. My life purpose is to help as many women and girls possible to discover the same for themselves. If you know that you have negative beliefs that are sabotaging your ability to grow, or you feel disconnected from your true self, or stuck in resistance, or blocked by the past, I would love the opportunity to work with you. 
I offer One-on-One Coaching, Workshops, and other customizable programs, each designed to help you release old patterns so that you can start #LivingYourBestLife - is the hashtag too much?


Why am I always talking about Warrior Goddesses?

I believe that every woman is a Warrior Goddess. Our Warrior holds the key to feeling strong and powerful in our bodies, and to truly knowing that safety is within us. Our Warrior pushes forward and drives us in action. Our Goddess allows us to slow down, to receive and create, to simply BE. Our Goddess allows us to dance through life fully connected in both mind and body. She feels comfortable and beautiful in her body.

Separately, each part of these Selves is powerful. But when we connect both our Warrior and Goddess, life opens up to us and we begin to root ourselves in the foundations of who we truly are.

Having spent my entire life learning to connect with both my Warrior and Goddess sides, and finding a healthy balance between the two, I have specifically designed each of my programs to help women and girls connect to each part of themselves so that they can step into their true Warrior Goddess power.


Let's Work Together

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One-on-One Coaching

You can think of One-on-One Coaching as a powerful tool that falls somewhere between therapy and self-help. Therapy is a beautiful offering that serves almost as an archeological dig into the past. But once you work through the past, you need to move forward. Self-help is a wonderful tool for taking steps to self-love. One-on-One Coaching is neither therapy nor self-help, it’s a conversation about where you are experiencing resistance in your life, how that resistance could be tied to your past, and how you can move forward.  I offer Empowerment Coaching, Relationship Coaching for Trauma Survivors, and Energy Balance Coaching for Female Entrepreneurs.


Workshops are a fun and powerful way to pack a lot of empowerment into 1-2 hours. If you are like me, you are always looking to connect with powerful women. Workshops are a wonderful way to expand your community of empowered-ladies. My selection of workshops is constantly growing as I discover the needs for empowerment across other genres. My current workshop topics include Express Unfiltered Rage Like a Freaking Goddess, Pelvic Bowl Healing, and Warrior Goddess Training.

More Programs

I understand that, just like there will never be one bra that fits us all, everyone's empowerment needs are different. That's why each of my services can be fully customized to fit your needs. 
In addition to One-on-One Coaching and Workshops, I also offer other customizable programs. My Fight Therapy program combines basic kickboxing techniques with meditations to help you move out emotions and memories you’ve been storing in your physical body. Mindful Movement programs combine traditional exercises with meditation techniques to help you reconnect your mind and body while getting your sweat on.

*I am not a licensed therapist and am in no way positioning my services as therapy.


What are People Saying about Katie Maloney Coaching?


Lisa L.

When you look at Katie you can immediately see the warmth and the enthusiasm, but you only need to work with her for a short time before you realize that under the warm exterior is a strength of steel and warrior’s heart.  Both her warmth and strength moved me to break a cycle of self-deprecating thinking and to honestly make a change in my life. As I think about how knowing Katie has changed my life, I realize that the mark of a truly great coach is not that they show you how much they believe in you, it is when they teach you to truly believe in yourself.



I would love to work with you! Please reach out with any questions or thoughts.