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Lisa L.

When you look at Katie you can immediately see the warmth and the enthusiasm, but you only need to work with her for a short time before you realize that under the warm exterior is a strength of steel and warrior’s heart.  Both her warmth and strength moved me to break a cycle of self-deprecating thinking and to honestly make a change in my life. As I think about how knowing Katie has changed my life, I realize that the mark of a truly great coach is not that they show you how much they believe in you, it is when they teach you to truly believe in yourself.




cake pops and coffee

A New Conversation About Trauma

Maloney's breakout debut is part memoir, part self-help. Cake Pops and Coffee is the brave exploration of Katie's survivor journey through extreme childhood abuse, but it's also a guide that offers tangible tools, all while talking about trauma in a new way that doesn't feel SO HEAVY.

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