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cake pops and coffee

A New Kind of Trauma Healing Book

As a trauma healing author and speaker  Katie is deeply passionate about oversharing. Her mission is to share her very real (and frequently awkward) stories of navigating healing from eighteen years of childhood sexual abuse so that others feel comfortable laughing about, loving, and sharing their own stories. 

     When Katie first started working through the abuse, she looked to books for guidance on how to talk about her experiences. But all she could find were psychology books or heavily titled self-help books that made her feel like the vastness of her shit was insurmountable. No one talked about the other parts of her story—all the parts beautiful, lighthearted, meaningful, and funny moments in her life. She wanted a different kind of conversation about sexual abuse. Katie’s debut book, Cake Pops and Coffee, is that new type of trauma healing book. 


     In her book, Katie gets very real about the whole story of trauma—the difficult and the beautiful. She talks about how she made herself small and sabotaged her success because of negative beliefs. She talks about saving her past selves and learning how to find safety within herself. She shares how she learned to masturbate in a way that transformed her perception of pleasure and allowed her to connect with her partner during intimacy. She talks about navigating relationships and sharing her past with the people she loves. She shares how she cut through all the bullshit that resulted from the abuse and how she learned to love herself on a deeper level, and truly live after trauma—all while sharing tips and guidance on how you can do the same. 

     Katie is changing the game for trauma healing books. She believes that we can have conversations about trauma with laughter and approachability instead of heaviness and discomfort, all while feeling supported and safe. So, grab some cake pops and coffee and let's share some stories.

trauma healing book author


About Katie's Trauma Healing Book

Amanda F.

Katie has managed to write a book that discusses some of the heaviest things I've ever heard while also being really funny and inviting. I just can't get over that because you need to understand how much skill it takes to accomplish that!

Whitney M.

...As a professional counselor, I think this book can be life changing for clients addressing their trauma... 

Anna N.

When I started reading Katie’s story, it totally transformed the way I thought about my own. If she can heal and let go of her lifetime of abuse and trauma, maybe I could do it, too. And maybe it doesn’t have to be as scary or painful as I thought. Because I recognize now, with the tools and accounts she shares, that I don’t have to keep reliving it to let go of it.

Alie S.

 This book from the very beginning feels like a real conversation between friends. Katie's ability to talk about trauma in such an open and real way is inspiring.


By working in the perfect amount of humor and lightheartedness into each chapter, the author is able to tackle challenging topics and give sage advice to not only survivors, but to supporters of survivors and professionals. This book is a must.

Lisa L.

This book is so powerful, presenting techniques not only for those who have experienced trauma survivor but for those of us that need to look more deeply into how our past has shaped us. 

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