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My Story

I am absolutely passionate about connecting with people. I love talking with people, I love listening to people and, most of all, I love learning people's stories. When I am not oversharing and encouraging others to do the same, I love day hikes, Jiu Jitsu, writing, hot yoga, walking to the library, and going to see movies by myself.

You may often hear people call me "Cubby." I am originally from Chicago and a HUGE Cubs fan. The nickname started in college and has stuck with me!

I moved to Pittsburgh to attend Chatham University where I received my degrees in both Digital Film Production and Communications. After graduating, I worked for a marketing company before I felt called to switch to the health and wellness field. After spending six years as a Personal Trainer and Self-Defense instructor, I knew that my true passion was a combination of all my work experience and all my life experience.

Which brings me here, my life's passion: Empowering women and girls. Through Empowerment Coaching I get to combine my belief in the power of movement to wake us up and move old memories out of the body, my love for self-defense and teaching women that safety is within them, and my dedication to overcoming the obstacles created by all types of trauma in order to become our most true and full selves. 

I am an open book, so please feel free to reach out with any thoughts or questions! I look forward to connecting with you!



I would love to work with you! Please reach out with any questions or thoughts.