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Big News!...

When I first started working through the abuse I experienced, I looked to books for guidance. But the only books available about sexual abuse were either psychology books that made me feel like a social experiment or terribly titled self-help books that made me feel like a wounded puppy. I wanted to read something that felt like I was simply having a conversation with a trusted friend. I wanted to feel like I was talking with someone who was confident and hilarious with a captivating way of naturally inspiring others to live their dreams, laugh, and feel more comfortable with who they are. She would wear colorful scarves and sit with her legs up on the arms of chairs in the most cool and relaxed way.

We’d eat cake pops and drink coffee while we talked casually and openly about the abuse we’ve experienced. We would cry when we needed to and laugh when we wanted to. She would say, “Look, I experienced abuse too and I can tell you firsthand that you have everything you need inside you. I hereby bestow upon you all the tools to overcome your abuse and unlock your full potential as the true warrior goddess you are.”

Okay, maybe that’s a little much. Really, I just wanted her to say, “Look, I get how you’re feeling. Try doing this and see if it helps.”

That is what I want this book to be. I want to have a conversation with you about my experiences navigating the abuse I survived, developing the tools I needed to step into my full-power, and learning to use my experiences of abuse as fuel for that power, not an obstacle against it.

I am excited to announce that I have started the process of editing with the incredibly talented Writer, Editor and Book Coach, Amanda Filippelli and will have a published book available for purchase before Christmas 2019. Please stay tuned for all the exciting updates!

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