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the time to heal to


Katie's Trauma Recovery Program is a 10-week course designed to help you

move through the effects of your trauma that limit your potential so you can thrive!


  Have you:

  • already started your healing journey?

  • been through or are in therapy?

  • done internal work to recover from your trauma?

  • worked with a professional therapist, counselor, or doctor?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a perfect candidate for the

Trauma Recovery Program. Take your healing another step further today!

*flexible payments available!

Journey through your healing in 9 modules:

  • Acquire the tools you need

  • Learn to dismantle bullshit thoughts

  • Address and heal your voids

  • Learn that safety is WITHIN you

  • Heal your past selves

  • Learn to accept yourself

  • Create and experience pleasure in your life

  • Share your story



Katie is ready to share a cup of coffee with you and help you smash your trauma and the trouble it's causing you!

*Every student will receive a free eBook copy of Katie's book, Cake Pops & Coffee: A New Conversation About Trauma

*Course also includes several guided meditations, personal videos from Katie, and all the support you need!

*flexible payments available!

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