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I was a trauma survivor and I was looking for something.

I didn't know exactly what it was, but I had been to therapy, I read books about healing from trauma. I was all-in, fully committed to self-work. I understood my trauma and I had a good idea about how it was affecting my current life. I shared my story. I talked about my experiences. I had done it all! But I needed more. I needed something different. 


My soul longed for a new conversation about trauma. A conversation that didn’t just focus on my experience of trauma. A conversation that didn’t require me to continuously relive and retell my story over and over again.


I needed a conversation that included all the other parts of myself that had nothing to do with the trauma - the parts of me that laughed with my friends, cried during Subaru commercials, and drew too much attention to myself on the dance floor at weddings (debatably). I wanted to be able to dive into the depths of my experiences, my soul, my emotions, and who I truly was, all while also being lighthearted and playful. So where the heck was I going to find that? 


Well, I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I created it myself. My soul-mission for this program is to start the conversation I always needed and that I know all trauma survivors are craving. Every tool that is included in this program is designed to help you dive into your depths, heal, get to know yourself truly and deeply, all without the fear and heaviness that most trauma-healing resources seem to be surrounded by.


I have always desired a community of people who have experienced things like I have to be able to share thoughts with, ask questions, or simply share my story with when I felt ready to do so. That is why I am not just giving you some techniques and hoping they'll resonate with you - I want to walk with you on your healing journey. In addition to this program, you’ll also receive one-on-one coaching sessions with me, a private Facebook group, and an eBook version of my book, Cake Pops and Coffee: A New Conversation About Trauma: How to Laugh, Cry, and Love Your Whole Story, so that I can dive in with you!

If you’ve found this page, there is a part of you that knows that truly accepting and loving every part of your experience and who you are is the key to moving beyond trauma. A part of you also knows that you already have all the tools you need to heal within you - you just need a little guidance as to how to access those tools. 


Katie's Trauma Recovery Program is a 10-week course designed to help you

move through the effects of your trauma that limit your potential so you can thrive!


  Have you:

  • already started your healing journey?

  • been through or are in therapy?

  • done internal work to recover from your trauma?

  • worked with a professional therapist, counselor, or doctor?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a perfect candidate for the

Trauma Recovery Program. Take your healing another step further today!

Journey through your healing in 10 modules:

Week 1: Meet Your Foundational Healing Tools

We’ll start by discovering your healing archetype - the role you step into when you embark on healing - so that you can become a witness to your experiences instead of feeling like you’re being sucked into or consumed by them. Next, we’ll design your “Me Space,” which allows you to create both a mental and physical space you can return to along your journey to feel held, safe, and cozy. We’ll also create a “Save For Later Box.” It can be super fun to heal, grow, and process, but it is not fun to feel like you can’t shut off everything that came up during that healing, growing, and processing. Your Save For Later Box is a great way to temporarily store everything you’ve processed, so that you can move on with your day and come back to processing at a later time.  


Week 2: Releasing Bullshit Thoughts

You learn a lot from trauma - a lot of it is bullshit - such as negative beliefs, fears, insecurities. These things that we believe to be true will often continue to affect our lives without us even realizing it. So, it’s time to release that bullshit. We will be identifying the bullshit thoughts that developed as a result of the trauma you experienced. You will learn to release the bullshit and create new beliefs. Trauma can affect the way we view ourselves, others, and the world - and bullshit thoughts are a HUGE part of that. Once you’ve released the BS and created new beliefs, you’ll learn how to set new standards so that you can start manifesting the fulfilling interactions you want with yourself, others, and the world. 


Week 3: Get Cozy With Your Voids

Did you know that you have voids as a result of not receiving something you needed at a certain time in your life? We all do. And we often instinctually spend our lives trying to fill those voids with other people, things, or even a bowl of ice cream. But none of those things seem to do the trick - because they can’t. No one and nothing outside of ourselves can ever fill our voids, and trying to do so will only ever manifest situations that tell us even more loudly that we need to go within and heal. This week, you are going to discover your voids. You are going to learn how you’ve tried to fill those voids outside of yourself, probably without even realizing you were doing so. Then, you are going to get real cozy with your voids. You are going to snuggle up with them and make them your best friends. You are going to learn what they need, how to love and heal them, and the superpowers that each of your voids actually hold. 


Week 4: Discover Safety Within You

You weren’t able to physically protect yourself from the trauma you experienced. Not having the resources you needed to protect yourself from trauma is terrifying and can contribute to the very lasting bullshit belief: “I cannot protect myself.” For years, I held a deep belief that “I am not safe.” So, I started looking for safety outside of myself. This week, you are going to discover where you’ve been looking for safety. Then, you are going to discover that deep sense of safety, protection, and security that you have been longing for within yourself through self-soothing techniques, learning to re-parent yourself, checking in with your little kid selves and adult self daily. You’ll end the week by meeting your protective self through a POWERFUL guided meditation that will help you connect with the fiercely loving protector within you.

Week 5: Navigate Dissociation and Triggers

Dissociation is a powerful and effective survival tool during trauma, but how do you shut it off once you’re safe and away from the trauma? If you've experienced long-term trauma, dissociation probably became the norm for you. You may instinctively dissociate at any sign of discomfort or danger. Although this was an effective tool as a child, as an adult, away from the abuse, leaving your body the second you fear any type of discomfort prevents you from living a healthy life; it prevents you from experiencing uncomfortable emotions required to heal wounds, it keeps you from being present during beautiful life experiences, inhibits you from connecting with people you love, and it disallows you from being deeply in tune with yourself. This week, you are going to re-establish a deep, fulfilling connection between your mind and body. 


And we can’t talk about dissociation without talking about triggers. You will learn how to connect with the calm voice within you during the chaos of a trigger and you will learn practical ways to move  through even the biggest triggers. Through guided meditation, you will learn to choose a meeting spot to come back to and meet yourself after a trigger.

Week 6: Find and Save Your Past Selves

For a long time, my little girl selves were running my life - and I didn’t even know it. The scared little girls within me were making decisions in relationships, reacting when triggered, and choosing the places I worked. And because of this, I stayed small in all areas of my life. It wasn’t until I learned to meet, love, heal, and release my past selves that I was finally able to live my life and make decisions as the adult woman that I am. 

This week, you will find and save that past self you may not have even known needed your help. You heal your past selves by giving them the love and comfort you needed in certain moments but never received, and then you’ll learn how to continue connecting with your past selves for the rest of your life.

Week 7: Discover Radical Self-Acceptance And Shadow Work

We hear the term "self-love" frequently. But self-acceptance is actually the most important, yet often overlooked, component of true self-love. If you don’t accept every part of yourself, even the darkest parts that are difficult to look at, you’re never going to be able to fully love yourself. This week, you are going to learn to shed light on your shadows so that you’re able to witness them as the simple traits that they are instead of being consumed by fear or insecurities surrounding them. You will meet your shadows, identify where they came from, accept them, and then release the burdens you’ve been carrying (often without even realizing it) because of them. Sound liberating? You bet it is!


Week 8: Stop Recreating Your Past

“Why does this keep happening?!” Have you ever asked this question? Have you ever angry-cried in your car and cursed the Universe because another partner cheated or another boss was manipulative or the job you thought would work out fell through again? You’re not going to be happy when I say this, but this keeps happening because you are creating it. We can tell ourselves and others about how desperately we want a better relationship, less manipulative bosses, more loyal friends, etc., but a few weeks later, we find ourselves in exactly the same situations.


You have attached a part of your identity to the trauma you experienced. As a result, you have come to accept certain truths about yourself, others, and your life based on that identity. Because of this, you constantly manifest the same patterns over and over again. These habits should not be shamed, but they also shouldn’t be invited to stick around in your life long-term. You can recognize and appreciate these habits for how they helped you during a certain time in your life, and then you can release them. That’s what we’re going to do this week. We are going to understand your comfort zone, identify what identity you’ve created based on the trauma you’ve experienced, get very real about what you want, and then learn to release old identities and patterns so that you can truly be you without attachments to trauma.


Week 9: Release Unfiltered Rage Like A Freaking Boss!

Have you gotten angry about it? That’s a question I have asked almost every one of my clients. And the answer is almost always, “No, because I’ve forgiven," or, “No, I don’t want negative energy around the situation.” We often never allow ourselves to get angry about our experiences. We try to skip over anger and go straight to acceptance or forgiveness or even sadness, but then we get stuck and don’t understand why. It’s because feeling angry is an essential part of the healing journey. We often want to be “above” the anger. We want to heal beyond it, but the only way to heal beyond anger is to actually feel it first. 

So, why are we afraid of anger? Some of us believe that being angry about our experiences is unwarranted because the people in our lives who should have been angry for us never were. Some of us are afraid that if we do allow ourselves to get angry, we’ll be consumed by it and we won’t be able to shut it off. And some of us simply don’t know how to show anger because we’ve never seen it expressed in healthy ways.

Week 10: Masturbate

Woo! I said the word “masturbate!” I have successfully made everyone uncomfortable. But I’m not going to use some cutesy made-up word to allude to masturbation - doing so reaffirms the myth that masturbation is something we should be uncomfortable talking about or embarrassed to engage in. I want you to be so comfortable with your body and the knowledge that you deserve to experience healthy, beautiful, incredible pleasure that the word “masturbation” elicits feelings of excitement and pride instead of discomfort, embarrassment, or shame.


Sex was not something that I could jump into with abandon and just enjoy. Unfortunately, what others consider foreplay, I considered as time to spend convincing myself that I was safe and that I could have sex without feeling abused. Having to pep-talk myself into feeling comfortable having sex has always sucked and I always wanted to change my perception of sex, but, for a long time, I didn’t know how.


This week, you are going to dive deep into a part of yourself that you may not have even known existed. For female-identifying persons, we are going to do some pelvic bowl healing to restore your core energy and heal wounds created by trauma. For male-identifying persons, we are also going to heal wounds created by trauma by rebuilding the home in your core energy. Choose the guided meditation that resonates with you!

A Parting Tool: Share Your Story (When You’re Ready)

I want to start by saying that you can share your story without ever telling anyone else. In fact, I encourage you to start by sharing your story not with anyone else, but with yourself. When you allow yourself to share your experiences out loud, you are declaring to yourself that your story isn’t something to be ashamed of, embarrassed by, or afraid of. Whether or not you feel ready to share your story with another person, my goal for this section of the program is for you to feel more comfortable with your story. The tools I am going to cover are designed to help you feel more deeply connected to yourself by learning to accept, understand, and love your story. If you decide to share that story with others afterward, that’s a bonus! This week, you’ll learn some tools you can use to feel empowered before, during, and after sharing your story, including knowing your goal for sharing your story, knowing what you need from listeners and how to communicate those needs, navigating people’s reactions, and finding your anchor when experiencing the spectrum of emotions that can come from sharing your story. 

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Katie is ready to share a cup of coffee with you and help you smash your trauma and the trouble it's causing you!

*Every student will receive a free eBook copy of Katie's book, Cake Pops & Coffee: A New Conversation About Trauma

*Course also includes several guided meditations, personal videos from Katie, the option for 1:1 coaching, and all the support you need!

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